About the studio

Sound & Music Production for all purposes

“Yellowhouse Recording” – Cozy recording studio, near the town center.

Here`s a temporary gear list:

Hardware/Software: Mac Pro 2,8 GHz Eight Core Running Studio One Pro, RME RayDat Card, with miscellaneous Preamps (24 inputs and outputs in total), Presonus Faderport

Outboard: JoeMeek TwinQcs, TK Audio BC-1

Microphones: Sontronics Helios, AKG C-414, miscellaneous Shure + AKG a.o Mics

Instruments: Sadowsky P/J-5, Dingwall Super P 5, Fender AVRI `58 Precision Bass, Gibson Les Paul Studio with Duncan Pickups, Gibson J-100x, SX Strat

Amps + Cabs: Bergantino Fortè, 2 x Vanderkley 112mnt

Location: Control Room, good size Drum booth, Vocal/amp booth and a small “tea kitchen”

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