February 5th, 2020

Sound & Music Production for all purposes

February 5th, 2020

After some time “laying low”, I´m back in the studio!!

I´m currently working on some different projects:

Our own project “Beside The Fact” will be releasing a single soon.

“The Human Edition” will be releasing an EP, where I recorded the Bass parts in my own studio (The rest is recorded and mixed at Ant Farm).

I´m doing some Pre Mastering for “Now Or Never”, for the upcoming album “NONIII” (Where I also play the passports on a couple of tracks).

I’m working on a couple of different tracks for my publisher (Iceberg Records).

And: I´m working on a couple of covers with my friend Steph Honde (Vocalist/Guitar Player in “Hollywood Monsters” and “Now Or Never”

There’s Always room for projects, however small or large – So: Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you need something (Production “from scratch”, Bass Parts, Background Vocals etc…..)