New Design, Synergy By Jon Pold, Jens Ottosen and more

Sound & Music Production for all purposes

New Design, Synergy By Jon Pold, Jens Ottosen and more

It`s Been a while since i`ve updated this page, but: Better late than never! 🙂

New Desing, New Colors…… And: I`m currently thinking about changing the name of the Company – Stay tuned for that 🙂

The Music:

Currently working on the Debut album of the Danish Funk/Fusion act “Synergy By Jon Pold” – Weve just wrapped up mix and mastering of the first single, and it came together quite nice - AND: They`ve made a cool video!! ( Click Here to see the video on youtube) - The Album will be released ultimo March 2017......

I also recently did a mix for my good friend Jens Ottosen – A great song that he recorded in his basement, and initially mixed himself – But: For some reason, he thought that i would do a better job at it – Well….. That i don`t know, but: The song is GREAT! ( Click Here to listen on spotify)

I`m still working on a couple projects of my own, and writing songs that hopefully will be out there sometime in the future 🙂

Finally i took some time, to make a Spotify Playlist that shows some of the productions ive been involved in over the years - Its a mix of songs that i`ve either produced, written, played on or mixed (Some of them, all of the "above") (Click Here to listen to the playlist on Spotify)

As always: Feel free to contact me, if you want me to mix, play some bass, produce your song/album – Or anything else, that relates to my field of expertise


HC Röder Jessen